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… We are one of the most oldest and reliable manufacturer in the field of quality Steel Abrasives [Steel Shot and Steel Grit] and Alloy Steel Castings. We have been serving the requirements of steel shot blasting, shot peening and granite cutting for many years now. Having served the  industries for nearly 30+ years our client list includes the who’s who of reputed Auto components, Cement, Steel, Mining, Engineering, Foundry & Forging Industries in India and abroad.

From the first manufacturer in India of steel shot and steel grit [and a humble 500 T / annum capacity] in 1984 to more than 30000 T / annum today we have seen some phenomenal growth.

This growth has been made possible only with continuous technical up-gradation of our manufacturing and servicing capabilities.

In line with the country’s new mantra of “Make in India” – we recently commissioned a totally new manufacturing line with the help of International know-how and equipments fpr making international quality steel shot and steel grit.

This new line dedicated to the production of premium quality abrasives has enabled us to export our products to Europe and beyond.

Our products are today made on a unique automated manufacturing line meeting a variety of industrial standards whether Indian [IS] or International [SAE]. Automation and strict compliance to ISO 9001-2008 norms ensures that we have unmatched consistency in our quality and supplies.

Our range of abrasive products now cover the entire application range of surface preparation, surface blasting, shot peening, granite cutting and ballast applications.

RIL Annual Return 2017-18

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