Our Infrastructure

Alloy Steel CastingsOur sophisticated infrastructure forms the backbone of our operations.

We have a modern and automated production facility with an installed capacity to produce 30000 metric tons of steel shot and steel grit per annum and 1200 tons of alloy steel castings. The setup gives us the ability to execute both large and small orders of steel shot and grit easily and efficiently. Meticulously maintained, our manufacturing unit is marked by industry defined safety and quality certifications, which assures consistent quality and reliability.

We also have reliable facilities for quality testing, packaging and logistics to ensure that you can depend on us for your supplies. Using the best of machines and through the employment of a trained and skilled labour force, we are able to achieve excellent production levels.

The Different machines and equipment installed at our unit include the following:

  • Electric Induction Furnaces and crucibles having capacity of 6T, 3.5T & 2.0T.
  • Electric Arc Steel Refining Furnace with capacity of 12T.
  • Transformers, Cooling Towers, E.O.T. Cranes, Air Pollution Control Devices
  • Sand Mixer, Pouring Ladles ranging from 500kg X 3 capacity,
  • Annealing Plant, Air Compressor, Chipping Machines, Grinders (swing, hand grinder & flexible grinders)
  • Weighment Bridges ranging from 30 ton capacity
  • Shot Blasting Machine
  • D.G. Set 300 KVA
  • Laboratory Equipment for chemical & physical testing of castings (U/T machine,hardness tester & structure microscope)
  • Spectrometer
  • Ervin Life Testing Machine for Steel Abrasives
  • Ultra sound testing machine

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