Steel Casting

Steel Casting IndiaRotocast is one of the leading manufacturer’s of alloy steel castings.

We are regularly catering to the requirements by manufacturing and supplying steel castings of Indian/ International specification to various Govt./ Public/ Private Undertakings, organisation of repute based across the country such as Mining Equipments, General Engineering Castings, Castings for Core Industries etc. in machined/ unmachined/ rough condition. In addition we can supply castings in Chrome, HRCS, NI-Hard Speen. We have a well equiped foundry with all the required in-house facilities for each stage of manufacturing and also have a full-fledged Metallurgical Laboratory with all testing equipments installed therein.

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Product spotlight

Steel Shot
Rotocast Steel Shot are 'Solid' Spherical Balls of hypereutectoid steel-its chemistry and crystalline structure so designed that it gives best possible performance... Read more
Steel Grit
Rotocast Steel Grit is made by crushing the fully hardened shot, screening the resulting media and tempering it to a desired hardness. Grits work best... Read more

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