As a manufacturer of high productivity abrasives we understand that our customers are looking more and more at solutions and not just products.

To meet these changing requirements of our valuable consumers we have put together a team of experienced specialist application personnel and trained engineers. This experienced team will work with you to ensure the most optimum cutting, surface preparation, blasting or peening results.

These services form part of our promise to deliver not just products but complete results to our Rotocast Tuff range of customers.

Our services are a recognition of the fact that the your blastic, peening or cutting costs comprise of the cost of power, spares, wages, rejection costs, operating practices, equipment settings, abrasive selection and of course their consumption.

The services are modeled in a manner to provide the highest impact to your operations by the use of:

  • Detailed Periodic Process Audits of operations
  • Advice on selection of Media for optimum results based on usage and equipment
  • Supervised Trials and Testing to demonstrate RESULTS
  • Optimizations and fine tuning to drive efficiencies
  • Periodic Reviews and reports to top management of customers
  • Operator Training and skill up-gradation
  1. Periodic Seminars at our venue covering theoretical presentations and practical sessions on     industrial blasting machines
    1. Wheel Blasting
    2. Air Blasting
    3. Shot Peening
  2. Customized sessions on site geared towards addressign your unique needs
    1. by sales and service staff
    2. adapted program as per customer needs
    3. practical session carried out on customer’s machines


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